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We are a group of Turkish citizens who want to inform the English-speaking world about the situation in our country. At the moment, the discourse is dominated by bad news streaming out through western media sources and presenting a dire account of the conditions within our nation.

Growing Internal Crisis In Turkey

For decades Turkey was a great symbol of hope for the world. Hope of a peaceful and harmonious synchronization of the eastern and western values that can act as an antibody to ideologies promoting conflict.

Geographically, the position of Turkey as almost a bridge between Asia and Europe was ideally suited for it to play such a role. Politically also, Turkey, being part of both Asia and Europe, acts as a confluence of the two worlds, orient and occident.

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Freedom Media

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There is no moderate or immoderate Islam.
Islam is Islam and that’s it.

– Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Student Activism And
Its Brutal Crackdown

The insecurity that gripped the Recep Tayyip Erdogan-led government has seen a crackdown on various sections of society that is causing a huge churn inside the country. And the section that seems to be most affected are the university students.

Free Fall Of
The Turkish Economy

Its not long ago that Turkey was among the fastest growing economies in the world. After years of great excitement over BRICS countries, it was Turkey that seemed to be standing out as the new poster boy of growth among developing economies.

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