About Us

We are a group of Turkish citizens who want to inform the English-speaking world about the situation in our country.

At the moment, the discourse is dominated by bad news streaming out through western media sources and presenting a dire account of the conditions within our nation.

It’s not our case that the situation is rosy and all the problems that are being mentioned are entirely fictional. There are genuine issues and the country has been experiencing unrest for some time. But the situation isn’t completely black and white and features many shades of grey as well.

Our Ambition

We aim to be a site that will provide news from Turkey that everyone should know and be aware of. Our country is a major player on the world stage and it affects the economic and political spheres of not just its region but also the whole world in some way.

Turkey was once the seat of one of the world’s greatest empires – The Ottoman Empire and the memories of those glory days have not completely faded away. While nobody in Turkey aspires for the nation to have an empire again, there is a great appetite for the land of the once-mighty Turks to once again regain the importance it had in world affairs.

This is slowly happening. Turkey has always been a major player in the affairs of middle-east but as a member of NATO, it has also played an active role in the global war on terror and the larger geopolitical issues associated with it.

Even the concerns over the changes taking place in Turkey shows how much the world cares about these issues and values Turkey as a major force in geopolitics. It’s our endeavor to make the world aware of what’s taking place inside this country that is fast becoming a shaper of opinion across the Islamic world and a voice of great importance on the world stage.

Our Outlook

We are politically neutral and not connected to any organisation. Therefore, our views are completely independent and devoid of any bias. Furthermore, we are not averse to seeking opinions from outside observers and foreign media too.

This is why, here, you will find a view that is completely unbiased and information that is not skewed or perverted to suit any particular ideological viewpoint. You will find our views to be as fair as possible.

We also believe that there are some things we all agree on. Whether it’s the respect for basic human rights or the desire that women and minorities of every country should be safe. The only time you will find our writings full of sentiment is when we are discussing such issues.

We also believe that the sovereignty of every nation should be respected and no country should face interference from external sources. This can sometimes seem like a fundamentalist view to western readers but if they think about it, they too wouldn’t like to see other countries trying to manipulate what happens in their land. We expect similar respect for our country’s rights.

Lastly, we are unexceptionably committed to opposing fundamentalism and the kind of radical Islamism that has been seen far too much of in our part of the world. Only if you have lived in this region do you really know how dangerous radical Islamism is. We take great pride in the fact that our country has long been a peaceful confluence of the east and west and has shown that tradition and modernity can peacefully co-exist.

The threats to this co-existence greatly troubles us and we are committed to opposing it in our own little way.

What You Can Expect?

Our site would feature information about the latest developments in the Turkish society, politics and even a bit of culture. Economics is an area that affects all these fields, so it is bound to feature as well.

Here, you will get news and analysis that will keep you abreast of the latest developments and events in Turkey.

By culling information from the best sources, both inside and outside the country, we will give you the essence of the news so that you don’t have to go around searching for relevant information on the internet.